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Running Basket is your one stop solution
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Anything, Anywhere, You need it? We get it for you.
We believe good service should solve problems

Order from Stores
Get daily items like your groceries and food from your favourite stores.
House-Hold Services
Maid on Leave? Problem with bike? We’ve got you covered.
Pickup and Drop
Did you forget something at home or your office? We’ll bring it to you.

Order from Stores

If you can’t fit in an hour to visit the busy stores near you, we will bring your Products right to your door. Locally grown items, your favourite cereal, and brand-new products, anything you want from your local store. We deliver.

House-Hold Services

We provide a variety of services that can support you in your daily life. We offer professional Domestic Helpers, House Maid Services, and other helping hands you need, for your Home.

Pickup and Drop

Did you leave behind some important work documents or your office ID at home? Are you at the hospital with a loved one and in need of something urgently? Don’t worry. All you have to do is tell us what you need. We provide a pickup and drop facility for almost all that you need.

How it Works?

Take Subscription
Subscribe to us according to your convenience- Monthly or Yearly.
Drop in your request on our app or WhatsApp.
We get it and deliver it to you.

About us

The Running Basket is not only for groceries.
The Basket stands for a bunch or services that can make your life easier and peaceful.

Your personal delivery service- All Year Round.


In the lifestyle we follow today, it becomes difficult to even find a breather. Let alone focus on little things like grocery shopping, getting your bike or car services, fix the couch leg, fix the shower, look for an electrician, etc. These things keep getting postponed. We provide solutions to all the above-mentioned situations and a lot more.

Stuck at workplace, need some household items urgently, need something from home to be delivered where you are. We’ve got you covered for all this and more. Tell us what you need, and it shall reach to you in no time.

As your helping hand, The Running Basket tries to make your life as easier as possible by providing conventional and non-conventional services for you and your Home.


Why Us?

We have a bunch of features to satisfy
all your daily needs in one place.

1. No Minimum Orders

2. No Delivery Charges

3. Quick Delivery

4. Pick-up and Drop Services

5. Hassle-free Payment

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Initially we are open to serve you in Warje, Pune. We will be serving you in your city very soon!
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We work to provide one, simple, consistent, high-quality solution
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